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Describe the people you've kissed


I apologize for taking so long to answer. This required some reflection and time. I chose only to describe the most memorable people. The ones who I think taught me the most.

1. He had scraggly brown hair and neither of us knew what we were doing in the back of that movie theater. Quite a memorable (and slobbery) first kiss if I do say so myself…
2. He had no hair and a nice bottom lip. It felt wrong and right and rebellious and secretive. I finally allowed myself to start growing into who I wanted to be.
3. I kept you a secret for almost two years. So sweet and so passionate you were. I grew to be more comfortable in my skin and began to celebrate my youth and my life. Freedom.
4. He was strong enough to shield me from the sadness that crept into my life. But not strong enough- I had to find the strength within me to push the negative out to make room for the positive on my own. That’s when I knew we were just physical. Still, he’s a great human being. I wish I had more contact with him.
5. Still fresh. His lips fit just fine with mine. It was time to move on after three years. But, he was quiet, loving, completely selfless, comfortable. I got too comfortable. I did not like the woman I tried to be in order to be acceptable and pleasing to you and your family, no matter how much I dearly loved you all. It took me too long to realize this and be honest with myself.
6. She tasted like Captain Morgan and orange juice when we kissed. She was one of my dearest friends, but in a time of elevated emotions, closed minds, closed hearts, and tension months later, we had a falling out. My dear, I’m sorry.
7. He was deception. He was nothing I ever wanted. He felt wrong, but he was confusion manifesting itself into the form of a strange attraction in my life. He opened my mind back up though- or at least, pointed me in the right direction.
8. He looked at me and we just happened. He fits. He brings out the confident, loving, compassionate, honest, excited Morgan that I truly am inside. I can’t let him take all the credit, but I’ve been much more open and loving to everybody in my life and soaking up all the positive vibes that come my way in hopes of spreading even more.

This has nothing to do with me but I’m reblogging because I really really like it. It’s written by one of my most wonderful friends! 

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I can never stop laughing at this

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ok i officially have to stop staying up so late for no fucking reason. i think i might need to assign myself a damn bedtime or something.

just ordered a beginner hoop on etsy…. so excited to try something new! :)) and it’s pink and sparkly of course. <3

i’ve been admiring hooping for the past 4 or 5 years & i’m seriously so excited to actually try it & do something new… just for fun & only because I want to. and when my hoop gets here i’m gonna be so bad at it but it’s oookayyyy! Working on the whole “being chill” thing. :)